Saturday, March 25, 2017

A B C's of Me

Age: 62
Bed size: Queen.
Chore you hate: cleaning toilets
Dogs: We've had three. A beagle named Buckwheat, a mixed terrier named Freddy and a golden retriever named Jack. No dogs right now though.
Essential start of your day: a shower
Favorite color: Green
Gold or silver: Gold
Height: 5’7″ on my driver's license, but I think I may be shrinking.
Instruments I play (or have played): I am the most non musical person you will ever meet, but I would love to learn to play the piano.
Job title: Preschool Assistant Teacher
Kids: I have four daughters. They are ages 42, twins 33 and 29.
Live: Northwest Indiana
Mom’s name: Louise
Nickname: Does grammy count?.
Overnight hospital stays: Three births and a D&C.
Pet peeve: I have too MANY pet peeves. One of my biggest is people who say one thing, but totally mean another.
Quote from a movie: "As hard as you think it is going to be, you wind up wishing it were that easy." about parenting from Terms of Endearment.
Right or left handed: Right
Siblings: I have two older sisters an one younger brother.
Time you wake up: The alarm goes off around 5:00, but I'm usually up on my own before it.
Underwear: What about it? I wear it!
Vegetable you dislike: I hate okra!!! It looks like someone blew their nose in your food.
What makes you run late: The internet. I spend too much time checking Facebook and emails.
X-rays you have had done: The only ones I remember are of my teeth, when I was going to give birth to twins, they took one to see if they were both head down and my foot.
Yummy food you make: I get the most requests for my stuffed jalapenos and baked beans.
Zoo animal: I love the penguins!

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Wednesday Hodgepodge

I have to admit that I have been a horrible blogger.  Getting here and writing has been something that I have let go by the wayside for far too long.  This morning in my Facebook memories, a Wednesday Hodgepodge link showed up.  I clicked the link and was thrilled to find that this is still going on.  So, I'm getting my blogging feet wet again with this week's Hodgepodge.  

1. 'Slow and steady wins the race'...tell us about a time this was true in your own life.Well, I'm going to say that it was fitting exercising into my life on a regular basis.  It's such an easy thing to not do, but I feel so much better when I do. 

2. 'As slow as molasses'...Do you like molasses? How about maple syrup? Caramel? Butterscotch? What's your favorite of the slow moving treats mentioned here, and what's your favorite food made with that sweet treat?Molasses is wonderful in my baked beans and maple syrup is too sweet.  Butterscotch is okay, but give me caramel every time.  My favorite is any kid of ice cream that has caramel.  My best one going right now is a slated caramel gelato.  Delicious! 

3. Your favorite slow song?I have loads of favorites, but if I have to pick just one, it would be the remake of That's All by Rod Stewart.  I've left the You Tube video for you. 

4. Your favorite thing to make in a slow cooker or crock pot?Definitely beef stew!  I don't have a recipe to share because I rarely make it the same way.  I just start putting stuff in and that's how it goes.  Everyone loves it though, so I guess that's okay.

5. 'You may delay, but time will not.'~Benjamin Franklin  Are you more a hurrier or a delayer when it comes to unpleasant tasks that need doing? What are you currently either delaying or hurrying to get through this week or month?
I am a hurrier if it's an unpleasant task.  I want it done yesterday!  If it's a fun task, I am definitely a delayer.  I want it to last as long as possible.  My husband and I have been deep cleaning the basement.  I thought that I was going to hate this project, but it has been so much fun.  Every box, we find a new treasure from our 43 years together.  It is taking way longer than expected because of the memories that we are uncovering.

6. Tell us three things you encounter regularly or even just occasionally that you find to be annoyingly slow.The grocery check out line.
The doctor's waiting room.
My preschoolers getting ready to go home.

7. March is National Craft Month. Are you crafty? Tell us about something crafty you'll try in the next thirty one days. Or something crafty you'd like to try or wish you had the skill to  make happen.I am crafty to a degree when it comes to sewing and painting.  It seems like lately though, most of my crafting is with the grandkids and I love that.  The two skills that I wish I knew are crocheting and quilting.  I have friends who amazingly awesome things and I am so jealous.

8. Insert your own random thought here.My mind is consumed with planning a Disney trip for June.  I am so excited.  We are going with our oldest daughter and her husband and our youngest daughter and her husband.  We've never taken an adult Disney trip.  I think it is going to be so much fun!